Medical tourism in Turkey

Turkey is a universal country that offers tourists not only excellent recreation options, but also high–quality medical care. Currently, Turkey is one of the best countries for medical tourism among patients. Due to the level of development in the field of healthcare, Turkey is among the ten most popular countries for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
The countries of Europe and the CIS recognize Turkey as their new partner in the field of healthcare and the center of medical tourism. Turkey offers high-quality and inexpensive medical travel packages for patients. At the same time, the country combines treatment and thermal tourism, spa and wellness centers with five-star hotels.

Turkey is one of the leaders in the field of health tourism. Turkey is a significant center of excellence in the field of healthcare due to its service system, quality of services, methods of treatment, the level of hospitals and the availability of experienced doctors and specialists in the field of healthcare.

The newly built medical cities of Turkey, numerous hospitals and high-quality medical care distinguish the country on the world stage.

Medical centers

As part of the process of globalization, expansion of cooperation between countries, promotion of the process and democratization of modern travel, the scale of health tourism in the world has expanded and new important tourist destinations have appeared. Several important world-class medical centers are located in Turkey.
City hospitals and medical centers Turkish medical cities were built to combine the best that the country is able to offer in the medical sector. These medical mega-complexes are centralized facilities that provide world-class emergency, primary and specialized care in all areas of medicine.
Thanks to their numerous achievements and discoveries in medicine, Turkish doctors have always proudly personified Turkey all over the world. Thanks to successful operations, receiving prestigious awards, publishing innovative articles and many other things, they promote Turkey to the first place. Turkey has a high level of medical specialization both in the main branches of medicine and in sub-sectors. Turkey's highly trained doctors and medical professionals are proud to share their experience with their colleagues from developing countries and thus participate in their programs to improve health systems.
Training is conducted in English in most medical higher education institutions. English is widely used in the provision of medical services. In addition, medical institutions or intermediary organizations can arrange the services of an interpreter for patients who want to communicate in their native language. Every year, Turkish doctors perform a number of operations in the following areas:

The object of operations: kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, small intestine, cornea, cord blood stem cells, as well as children's and adult bone marrow. In 2019 alone, Turkish doctors performed a total of 37,367 IVF procedures, resulting in 9,937 pregnancies.



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