How to spend a New Year's holiday in Turkey

New Year's holidays are traditionally spent with the family in front of the TV, at a plentiful table with champagne, tangerines and the indispensable "olivie" salad. Maybe we should change the scenery and celebrate New Year in Turkey? Winter Turkey is radically different from the sultry, sunny country that we are used to see it.

Turkey is a Muslim country, and New Year (Novruz) is celebrated here on March 21 according to an ancient custom. Navruz is still considered the main holiday here today, which the locals honor and celebrate magnificently and solemnly, as it was a custom for a long time. Especially it is actual for Turkish hinterland.

How is New Year celebrated in Turkey? On holidays, it is customary to visit relatives. And on the most important night, families meet together,and eat traditional Turkish dishes and oriental sweets. With the midnight clock striking, the hosts pour champagne, the guests make wishes, and everyone congratulates each other, and have fun until the morning. Everything is like in Russia. Only instead of Christmas trees – palm trees, and a snowstorm replaces the sound of the surf.
To encourage local residents to join European customs, turkish invented a lottery. Until today, this is the most favorite New Year's entertainment in the country. There are queues for lottery tickets all over the country on December 31. The tickets are bought for themselves, given to relatives and friends in the hope of receiving a prize or a large cash prize. Tourists who comes to Turkey for New Year holidays also join the local fun, and on January 1 they are looking forward to the lottery results.
Instead of spruce branches, the dwellings are decorated with flower garlands. To attract good luck and prosperity, citizens try to celebrate New Year in red clothes. From windows, balconies and even pipes in private homes, the owners lower rope ladders, along which Noel-baba, in our opinion, the Saint Nicholai , will climb into the house with gifts. Where to celebrate the New Year
Before you buy a ticket, decide which vacation is preferable for you: a romantic trip for two in a quiet place or a bright show with a New Year's program, loud music and dancing until the morning.
An exciting sight awaits tourists who comes to Istanbul for winter holidays. Most of the city's residents are Eastern Christians. Therefore, New Year and Christmas in Turkey are traditionally celebrated with a decorated Christmas tree, champagne and other European attributes. The main squares of the city are luxuriantly decorated with flower garlands, shop windows and streets are lit up with lights. Mass celebrations are held in the European part: on Sultanahmet and Taksim squares. People don't sleep in Asian areas either. Music is playing everywhere, musical groups are performing, parties are being held, and a festive menu is waiting for guests in restaurants.

A romantic walk on board of motor ship along the Bosphorus will stay in your memory for a long time. A picturesque panorama opens to the tourists eyes: the lights of a big city, decorated palm trees, a festive salute.

In the resorts of the Mediterranean coast, New Year's programs, funny masquerades and children's matinees are arranged to please foreign tourists, where you can take a memorable photo with the Turkish Santa Claus.

The most "correct", by Russian standards, the New Year comes to ski resorts. Cappadocia looks like a snow-covered pearl in winter. The mountain slopes are covered with delicious snow powder. The ski slopes are calm, suitable even for beginners. Local hotels operate on an all-inclusive system. And for the New Year's holiday, the staff prepares a cozy evening by the fireplace, a festive menu, light music.
Hotels with entertainment program
In order not to feel lonely in a foreign country on New Year's Eve, try to choose 5-star hotels. Here guests are guaranteed to enjoy a New Year's program, a festive dinner, animation and live music. The helpful staff tries to brighten up the leisure of customers in all possible ways. In 4-star hotels and below, the festive program is usually not provided, and tourists have fun on their own.

The list of hotels offered is impressive. When choosing, you should rely on the reviews of predecessors and a clear description of the services and details of the service. The best hotels in Turkey for the New Year offer:
• festive gala dinner; • animation program; • heated swimming pools; • all-inclusive meals; • beauty salons, saunas, hammam, massage; • cinemas, bowling, billiards.
By choosing the highest category, you will provide yourself and your loved ones with a luxurious vacation, attention and care of the staff throughout the holiday.



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