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Thailand is a country, a trip where will leave only the best memories. Tours to Thailand -is a huge number of Buddhist temples, coral reefs, excellent flowers, exotic fruits and fragrances. Ancient Buddhist traditions and culture are carefully preserved here and at the same time they quickly respond to changes of the modern world.

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Thailand is a country of diversity. This is also about the entertainments. There are a huge number of places where you not only have fun, but also usefully spend your time. Thailand is famous for its Thai massage. Its main principle is the effect on acupressure points. Thai massage is able to heal from many ailments and simply restore the strength.While the massage no oils and creams are used, only herbal extracts. As for entertainments, there are plenty of them here. These are go-go bars and discos, bright and exotic shows. Here you can watch a unique crocodile show and taste real crocodile meat. A zoo and a water park will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions. Be sure to go to the theater. Classical Thai dances and puppet theaters, dramatic plays in English and Thai languages, musical and mime performances all of them are waiting you here. Thai boxing and kite fighting can be distinguished among other entertainments in Thailand

The largest part of hotels are 3 and 4 stars. Thailand offers a wide variety of hotel services — from lost huts in the jungle to fashionable hotel complexes, the variety of hotels in Thailand is really impressive. They are high buildings with well-developed infrastructure in large cities, such as Bangkok or Pattaya. Small cozy bungalows prevail on the islands. Despite the different size, all hotels in Thailand are highly serviced and have a friendly staff. The helpfulness of hotel staff makes the rest conditions close to ideal. In other words, a vacation in Thailand is built on one principle — everything is for tourists.

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