What can not be eaten and drunk before the flight?

We have collected several recommendations and debunked one myth about what is worth and not to eat before an air flight. In short words, the recipe for a disgusting flight is follows: eat a hearty meal, drink strong alcohol with cola, have a couple of bananas and chew gum.

1. Fried and fast food. It is believed that digestion is difficult at an altitude of over 5 km. It's true, at high altitudes, the absorption of water and nutrients by the body decreases, fats are absorbed worse, and people often lose their appetite. But it is only about the sickness in the mountains or,in a balloon. In an airplane, you fly 10 km above the ground, but in a confined space with its own pressure, oxygen content and humidity. So, the only thing that can keep you from a delicious hamburger before the flight is an unwillingness to consume excess cholesterol.

2. Alcohol. The good old tradition of starting to celebrate a vacation already on the plane, turns out to be harmful. Alcohol causes dehydration, as anyone who has ever woken up after a party knows. During the flight, the effect is enhanced due to the fact that inside the cabin the air is always dry. The result is a headache, a hangover for no reason and a cloudy arrival at the destination. If alcohol helps you calm your nerves while flight, try to at least drink plenty of water or juice.

3. Cauliflower and bananas. During takeoff, the pressure in the cabin of the aircraft drops, which causes the air to expand by about 30% (for this reason, it "lays" the ears). This is not a problem if the air has a place to expand and exit freely. But if the air has nowhere to go, you get an unpleasant bloating. Therefore, it is not necessary to lean on fruits and vegetables with a high fiber content before the flight, which contribute to the formation of gases. This applies to a wide range of products, from peas and broccoli to bananas and corn.

4. Chewing gum. On the one hand, chewing gum and copious swallowing of saliva sometimes help to get rid of the feeling of "blocked" ears. On the other hand, while chewing, you swallow a lot of "extra" air. The plane takes off, the pressure drops, the air in the stomach expands — the pleasure of flying disappears. By the way, the same "extra" ingestion of air occurs when smoking. In addition, sorbitol is almost always added to chewing gum, which can also cause the formation of gases.

5. Carbonated drinks and coffee. Caffeine and lots of fluids are a great recipe for a restless night. Therefore, if you want to get some sleep on the plane, avoid coffee and drinks like Cola. Another reason not to drink soda lies in its name. An additional portion of gases enters the body, the plane takes off, the pressure drops —what happens then you already know.

6. Garlic. Garlic, as far as is known, does not cause any unpleasant consequences for the body in flight. But if you suddenly notice that as soon as you fall asleep, a neighbor "accidentally" pushes your hand off the armrest, know: perhaps the reason for his dislike is in the garlic spirit.

7. Sharp. Spicy food improves digestion and even helps to lose weight a little. But at the same time it can cause heartburn or upset stomach. Especially if you are sensitive to acute. The problem is not so urgent in European airports with the usual menu, but common in Asia and Central America.

Unfamiliar food. Never, under any circumstances, eat unfamiliar food in untested places before the flight. And avoid any prepared food that spoils quickly if stored improperly. Even those delicious custard cakes and eclairs. Because it's still better to fly hungry in a comfortable chair than full in one of the four toilets for 180 passengers.



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