Non-tourist Istanbul

Istanbul is a colorful Turkish city that simultaneously combines the turbulent European rhythm of life and elements of the Muslim world. A kind of mix of Eastern and Western traditions. People come to Istanbul on vacation in noisy groups of friends, alone, with families and couples. Everyone will find something what they like here.

Every year, the Turkish metropolis is visited by millions of tourists. Of course, with such a flow of tourists in Istanbul, it is difficult to find a place with no travellers. However, even in such a popular city there are several interesting and colorful places which you can not find in guidebooks. It is rare to meet crowds of tourists here.

  • Kadikoy district
  • Kadikoy is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. It is located in the Asian part of the metropolis. Tourists usually prefer to visit other areas, such as Beyoglu and Sultanahmet, and many people undeservedly forget about Kadikoy. However, here you can feel the true spirit of Turkey without European influence. In Kadikoy, you can take a walk along the beautiful coast — a popular holiday destination among locals. Wander through the cozy streets and get lost from the abundance of shops with handmade goods, second-hand and antique shops, boutiques with jewelry and fashionable designer clothes. Sit in a chic restaurant or a small cafe with real Turkish cuisine, where locals prefer to come. Some of them are located on the coast and in the park, offering a beautiful view of the sea.
  • Beylerbeyi Palace Another pearl of the Asian part of Istanbul can rightfully be considered the Beylerbeyi Palace. This attraction is somewhat overshadowed by Dolmabahce, located on the opposite European shore. As a rule, tourists rush to it, and only few people come to Beylerbeyi.
  • Arast Bazaar

  • Istanbul is famous for its markets and bazaars, full of a variety of goods. Most markets are very similar: crowds of people scurry between the shops, looking at each product, buyers jostle near the counters,auctions here and there, noise, hubbub, fuss. But in Arast bazaar you will not see anything like this, so it is much more comfortable and pleasant to do leisurely shopping there.
  • Chukurjuma Quarter

  • The Chukurjuma quarter, located in the European part of Istanbul, is filled with old colorful buildings and cafes, luxury boutiques and antique shops. There is also a picturesque street, walking along which you can briefly imagine that you are in France. It used to be called "French street".
  • Geksu River and Anadolu Hisary Fortress
  • On the Anatolian shore of the Bosphorus, at the place where the Geksu River flows into the strait,located the fortress of Anadolu Hisary. Due to the remote location of the citadel relative to other popular areas of Istanbul, just some tourists visit it.



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