Yachting in Turkey

Mediterranean Turkey seems to be specially created for the perfect yacht vacation. A real serene paradise. It is no coincidence that superyachts of Hollywood stars, members of royal families, famous politicians and oligarchs regularly come here.

But it is not necessary to be an oligarch to go yachting in Turkey, because the choice is very large. In addition to luxury motor yachts and comfortable VIP gulets, which production is famous for Turkish masters, there is a large selection of sailing yachts. Both single-hull and catamarans, both with and without crew.
The Turkish shores, densely overgrown with pine forests, olive groves and southern flowers, annually attract yacht lovers from all over the world.A clean and predictable sea is something which worth coming here more than once. Turkey ranks third in the world in number of clean beaches, after Spain and Greece.

The visa regime to Turkey for citizens of most countries is absent or simplified. So you can rent a yacht in the evening, and in the morning fly by plane to the warm shores. By the way, it is very convenient to get to such popular yachting regions as Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum.

Turkey is great for beginners who want to rent a yacht on their own, as well as a family with children. If we talk about renting luxury yachts, in Turkey such vacation will be cheaper than somewhere on the Cote d'Azur in Europe.

The most popular places for yachting in Turkey
It is considered one of the most prestigious and expensive resorts. Not only the Turkish elite, but also Hollywood stars like to relax in Bodrum. There are several yacht marinas on the peninsula. It is Bodrum that is distinguished by a large selection of expensive and luxurious yachts for rent. These are sailing catamarans, motor VIP yachts, and chic gulets.
It is no exaggeration to call this city the center of yachting. Renting a yacht in Marmaris is a common thing, because the picturesque quiet coves and noisy nightlife in the city itself are combined in an amazing way. The famous Bar Street seduces tourists and yachtsmen with bars and discos open until morning for everyone.
And if you go on vacation to the bays around Fethiye and Oludeniz, the views will take your breath away every five minutes. Or maybe every three. You will definitely not find such colors, such a comprehensive celebration of life in all its natural splendor and diversity anywhere. And most importantly – all this can be seen only from the sea and only from sea you can get to some secluded coves. Those who rest exclusively "on land" really miss the most beautiful thing in Turkey.



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