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Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world with a rich history and culture. Myths and legends, scientists and poets, the Olympic Games, majestic temples and statues, pine groves, the clearest sea, gorgeous beaches, beautiful nature, as well as a huge amount of entertainment - all is worth seeing at least once and falling in love for a lifetime. A trip to Greece is always unforgettable. Each corner of the country is unique and unlike the other, you can come here repeatedly and each time feel like in a new country.

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To go to Greece-is a must! Firstly, the sea (as many as three – Aegean, Mediterranean, Ionian - to choose from), beaches (golden sandy and picturesque rocky), silvery greenery of olive groves and the cool shade of slender pines. Secondly, because Greece is alive history book (wherever you go, Ancient Hellas is everywhere) from temple to temple, from Apollo to Odysseus, from the Parthenon to the Marathon tomb. And the Greeks are professional in having fun! Tourists of all ages and categories come to Greece, and everyone will find rest and impression for their age and income. Each resort area has its own direction. Halkidiki is one of the most popular country resort. It is best suited for family holidays with rich sightseeing opportunities, unique nature and a fairly strong hotel base. And the Greek islands, among which Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Mykonos are the most popular, attract young people and wealthy older people. However, in any Greece resort, there are places both for "hangouts" and for a secluded holiday.

In Greece, wherever you are, there is something to see. There are a huge number of museums here, each place "breathes"with history. Greece is a various rest for every category of tourists, here is a place to retire and to diversify a carefree beach holiday. Cafes, restaurants with incredibly delicious and healthy Greek cuisine, chic European discos, and it's not worth talking about historical monuments, here every stone is already an ancient object. Shopping malls, souvenir shops – there are countless of them here.

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