MICE-(corporate tours) are a relatively new and rapidly developing field of tourist services. With their help, the management of companies solves a variety of tasks, from staff motivation to establishing trusting relationships with business partners and customers. Serious companies rarely organize field events on their own: they take away too many resources, and still at some point it comes to an understanding that only professionals, people who do this all the time, can provide all the details and subtleties .
Agencies specializing in business tourism and organization of corporate events have a much extensive base of sites and contacts in airlines; their employees know all the catering companies on the ground and will be able to find everything they need in any city in the world, from the best photographers and videographers to award-winning bartenders for a cocktail reception.

Unique hotels and atmospheric resorts in the most interesting corners of the world, international and domestic flights, lunches and dinners in the best regional restaurants, which you will not always find in guidebooks, and the smallest details, which are the secret of successful off–site event, are exactly where we can call ourselves experts in.

An individual approach is required not only by each company, but also by each individual event. After all, it's one thing to have a field meeting of the board of directors, and quite another to have a team building for middle–level employees. At the same time, it is very important that employees receive the best service and the most vivid impressions – after all, they create the atmosphere in the company and ultimately affect financial performance.
It is important that your people are proud to work in a company with good taste – this is the only way they become the best employers on the market, and not just sending employees from time to time to mass resorts or country boarding houses.



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