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Egypt is the land of mysticism and ancient history, the cradle of the civilization of the pharaohs, which left many mysteries to the descendants. The historical past attracts not only archaeologists from all over the world, but also a huge number of travelers. Modern Egypt, whose capital is Cairo, surprises with the pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and Mykerin, the Great Sphinx on the Giza plateau, majestic temples, valleys and architectural delights.

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High—quality and inexpensive vacation by the sea and the opportunity to improve your health - perhaps the main reason to choose Egypt. Tourists are attracted by its Mediterranean resorts , but especially popular and beloved are resorts of the Red Sea. If you prefer a calm, relaxed vacation by the sea, go to Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh will appeal to noisy companies of young people, fun lovers and explorers of the fantastic underwater world of the Red Sea. And its Reefs are officially recognized as the most beautiful in our planet.

Quad bike rides in the desert, sunrise in the Sahara or on Mount Sinai, a walk through a multicolored Colored Canyon, unusual remains in the White Desert, mystical paintings of tombs in the Valley of the Kings — the excursion program of Egypt will impress even the most picky traveler.Of course, historical excursions are considered as the most popular. This is a real journey into the past, hundreds, thousands of years ago, into the world of pharaohs, ancient deities, riddles and mysteries. And if you plan to immerse yourself in the culture of Ancient Egypt, go on a cruise along the Nile river. Mystical sanctuaries, half—forgotten temples, oases and crocodiles, and the indescribable atmosphere of Agatha Christie's novels - you will get an unforgettable adventure. Egypt is the answer to many questions at once. Beachgoers, museum fans, and others come here every year. Join the many fans of Egypt, and definitely you decide to come to the land of sands and pyramids again and again.

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