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Spring in Turkey is usually a festive mood, festivals, warmth and blooming.People farewell with winter and meet spring in a big way. Some events even have the status of international and can boast of centuries-old traditions. Read about the brightest, colorful and unusual ones in our blog.
Nevruz, Navruz, Nowruz or Nauryz is celebrated by Turks in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and in Central Asia from March 21 to 22. On this date we have spring equinox, when the day equals to the night. In Turkey, Nevruz is considered the end of winter and the onset of spring. On this day, it is customary to forgive insults, treat guests with spinach pies, colored eggs and traditional sweets. And also sing songs, dance and visit the graves of deceased relatives. You can't be sad. There is a sign what a person sees first on morning of March 22, will accompany him throughout the year. Therefore, people try to surround themselves with beautiful, useful and interesting things. And in the morning on the Nevruz, after waking up, they cast glances at the prepared and “necessary” objects symbolizing good luck, prosperity and well-being.

Mesir Paste Festival in Manisa
The Mesir Pasta Festival is one of the oldest Festivals in Turkey, it is more than 480 years old, lasts for a week of Nevruz. During the event, pasta is distributed to everyone, as well as cooking contests, concerts, games for children, folk dances and theatrical performances. Mesir paste is a traditional Turkish sweet that has medicinal properties. It was first prepared during the Ottoman Empire as a medicine. Previously, it had a spicy taste. The paste contains components such as honey, cardamom, cumin, saffron, anise and others. However, the creators keep the recipe in a secret. Mesir is advised to use for increasing immunity, appetite, respiratory diseases and disorders of the stomach and nervous system. The Mesir Pasta Spring Festival in Manisa is included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List.

Tulip Festival in Turkey

Istanbul – proudly bears the title of the world tulip capital. In March and April, Turkey hosts a large-scale national holiday - the Tulip Festival. The sultans considered the tulip to be a sign of their power. The image of a bud resembling a national headdress – turban was applied to weapons, clothing, dishes and jewelry. Now the tulip is recognized as a national symbol of Turkey. The festival is held in several different Istanbul locations, mainly in parks. The fragrance and the riot of colors during this period is breathtaking. For three or four weeks, the city turns into a blooming, fragrant garden. Nature together with florists create whimsical paintings, panels, three-dimensional art compositions. Sports competitions, concerts, fairs are held throughout Istanbul during the month.Local people and guests of the city look into the flowers they meet. Because there is a legend, that on the bottom of a beautiful tulip, behind the fragile petals, a wonderful happiness is stored.

International Orange Blossom Carnival

The Carnival of Orange Blossoms in Antalya is held by local authorities annually in April. The event is timed to coincide with the onset of spring and the flowering of citrus fruits. During the four days of the festival, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, street shows are held. The authorities are organizing a bright carnival and a noisy procession.

Herb Festivals in Bodrum and Izmir
The herb Festival in Izmir resort-Alachati also takes place in April. Already a traditional event for gardeners gathers thousands of participants and spectators. The festival program includes a traditional procession through the streets of Alachati in national costumes, tasting of local products, harvesting and sowing plants, contests for the most delicious herbal dishes and fairs. Visitors and guests of the city will learn about local flavors, methods of collecting herbs, dietary plants, and will take part in thematic seminars.



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