Top tourist destinations in the world

There are so many amazing, famous and unknown places on the Earth, when you get to them, you involuntarily feel like a small part of the majestic universe. When people are planning their vacation, some dream of being in a paradise and enjoying a comfortable holiday, others are looking for fascinating tourist routes where every new day will give an unforgettable impression of the natural beauties and sights. Others want to combine business with pleasure. Considering such a variety of interests, Aware Tour has chosen for you top best tourist places in the world, many of which occupy the first lines in the ratings of the most interesting places in our planet.

1.Colorful Cinque Terre villages in Italy

Five bright villages located on the steep cliffs of the Cinque Terre National Park at first glance don't give the idea of developed infrastructure area. This amazing Italian outback is far from civilization and therefore probably attracts tourists from all over the world with its genuine simplicity of life. The uncomplicated and dissimilar villages,however are full of sights and legends. So travelers won't have any questions about what to do and what to see for sure. A walk along a ten-kilometer trail that unites all the villages will leave an indelible impression. You will not find such picturesque landscapes, winding paths and turns anywhere in the world! And for the young spouses, a section of the trail, named since ancient times the road of love, will become symbolic.

2. Meteora Monasteries in Greece

The clear waters of the Pinios River, forming the Thessalian valley, embrace the mighty rocks, buried in the greenery of forests... Harmony of nature and harmony of spirit! The history of this most popular tourist route in the world has been going on for 15 centuries. Despite the fact that only 6 monasteries (4 male and 2 female) out of 24 built had been saved, Meteora is a real pillar of Orthodoxy. The six-hundred-meter-high rocks, which were once the bottom of the most ancient sea, have become a reliable foundation for monastic buildings. Climbing the stone steps, you can't help but think about how difficult the stairway to heaven is. But that is why the power of the monastic feat and God-given grace are so strongly felt.

3. Ko Poda Islands in Thailand

Koh Poda Islands in the province of Krabi are considered to be the most popular tourist destination in the world. Tourists tired of entertainment come here by boat for peace and quiet. Sprawling palm trees, the purest snow-white beach, clear sea water, a coral reef with exotic fish and stunning views of the rocks of the Reilly Peninsula will give a heavenly delight. Not far from Poda Island there is a local attraction-the hundred-meter island-rock Ma Tang Ming, also known as one of the best places for diving in the center of Krabi.

4. Impressive Cappadocia in Turkey

The fabulous Cappadocia, symbolized by mushrooms with hats, fully justifies its definition. Strange landscapes created by volcanic eruptions and weathering of rocks seem unreal, coming from childhood dreams. Imagine only the mysterious natural labyrinths in which the first Christians hid during the persecution, mountains and rocks in the form of cones, pyramids, stone pillars and freaks! Tourists will have to watch the bizarre landscapes of Cappadocia from the height of a balloon flight. This place is also famous by its "Open-air Museum", which unites ancient rock churches and monasteries,and attracts travelers' attention with preserved frescoes of times that have sunk into oblivion in some places.

5. Halong Bay in Vietnam

The Halong Bay, beloved by tourists, is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in the world, covered with ancient legends. Two thousand boulders-islands, covered with luxurious greenery, are solemnly scattered over the amazing, emerald-colored water. A lot of fascinating grottos and caves, mirror lakes and waterfalls will amaze the imagination of even the most unromantic natures and set them up for a contemplative mood. The delightful landscapes with the wonderful climate can be combined with a relaxing holiday on the snow-white beaches, water skiing or jet skiing, and also provide excellent opportunities for camping and rock climbing.



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