Unusual rituals and traditions of Vietnam

Indigenous Vietnamese invariably continue to appreciate old traditions. But under the influence of modern trends, Vietnam is gradually integrating into world culture. Still, going on vacation to this country, it is better to know about the peculiarities of national etiquette. It is necessary to address a person only with the words "master" or "mistress". Before you begin to address the interlocutor by name, you need to get his permission. After that, you still should not forget to use the respectful Mr.-mrs. before the name.

In Vietnam, there are many signs and superstitions that are passed down from generation to generation. For example, the Vietnamese are sure that a photo with the image of 3 people will bring adversity, but to see a funeral is lucky. They believe that if a black cat jumps over the deceased, it will revive him. Whistling is forbidden at night, locals say it attracts snakes.

When visiting restaurants, you may notice that in Vietnam, the bill is always paid by someone who has a higher status. If a couple is having dinner, then one person pays the bill. And one more important rule – do not leave the chopsticks in the food and do not wave them.

Wedding traditions are also interesting. The ceremony consists of several stages - marriage registration, temple, wedding walk, meeting guests. Since Vietnam is a country with a hot climate, the bride often changes her outfit. After the wedding in the temple, the guests gather for a festive dinner. In cities, the holiday, as a rule, takes place in restaurants, but in villages, the feast is traditionally organized in a special tent. Wedding transport in Vietnam is a rickshaw. The Vietnamese wedding menu is quite diverse. People who have been to Vietnamese weddings claim that some of the dishes of the wedding dinner are prepared by the guests themselves. Often, large containers of boiling oil are placed on the wedding table, and the guests themselves put the ingredients there. Jewelry, paintings with a dragon and a phoenix, souvenirs are presented as wedding gifts.



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