The most unusual hotel in Turkey

The Argos Hotel is rightfully considered one of the most unusual places in Turkey. It is located in Cappadocia, the historical region of Central Anatolia. The exotic place is famous for its unearthly landscapes and amazing energy. The fantastic landscape and rich history attract filmmakers and many foreign films were shot in these parts: "Ghost Rider" with Nicolas Cage, the mini-series "Jack Hunter" and others.

The magnificent hotel is built on the site of an ancient monastery near the Uchkhisar Cave Castle. For almost two decades, architects have been working on a design project and managed to create rooms in stone buildings with a unique interior. The outdoor terraces offer a delightful panoramic view of the terracotta-colored hills and the Valley of Pigeons with ancient churches. At dawn, colorful balloons rise into the sky and majestically float in the air, this you can see during the breakfast. If desired, you can join the tour and appreciate the splendor of the scenery from a bird's-eye view.



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