Architectural styles

Architectural style is a set of details and features of a structure that indicate the time of its construction, purpose, historical value, region, and sometimes even the author. Different styles operate with different forms and materials, reflecting changes in fashion, beliefs, ideas, technologies that possess minds. Some styles follow each other in chronological order, some develop in parallel in time.

  • Antique style
  • Gothic
  • Baroque
  • Classicism
  • Rococo
  • Empire
  • Modern/Art Nouveau/Art Nouveau
  • Modernism
  • Ancient Greek architecture is especially famous for its temples. The second important type of buildings that has survived to the present day is considered an open-air theater. The earliest of them dates from about 525-480 BC .
    Gothic is a style especially popular in Europe from the middle of the XII to the XVI century.One of the main engineering innovations of Gothic architecture was the frame system.
    Baroque is a decorative style that appeared in Italy at the beginning of the XVII century and gradually spread throughout Europe. The style reached its peak in the High Baroque era (1625-1675), when it was used in churches and palaces in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Austria.

    The roots of classicism go back to the temple architecture of Ancient Greece and the religious, military and civil architecture of the Roman Empire. The style is distinguished by the clarity and simplicity of traditional forms, for example, columns, each of which has fixed proportions and ornaments.

    Rococo style emerged in the XVIII century as a reaction against the grandeur and symmetry of classicism. This is a smoother and more detailed style, including ornate, asymmetrical patterns, work with pastel shades.

    Art Nouveau is characterized by sinuous lines and organic volumes, floral and animalistic motifs are often found. The brightest example of Art Nouveau is the entrances to the metro station in Paris, designed by Hector Guimard.

    Modernism is an architectural style based on innovative construction technologies for the last century, in particular, the use of glass, steel and reinforced concrete.
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