Holidays on the Aegean coast

The Aegean coast is a fascinating color of the sea, pleasant fresh mountain air, ancient sights and emerald forests. We will tell you more about the resorts of the Aegean coast in our article. Bodrum is a great option for active youth who came for music, fun and parties. It is also worth to note the fact that the resort is popular with surfers, because here, in this corner of Turkey is often windy, which creates comfortable conditions for this sport. Bodrum hotels are distinguished by a high level services.

If you have a question: "Where are the best parties?", you will definitely get an answer: "Here in Marmaris!" The thing is that this particular city on the Aegean coast is deservedly considered the most active, the most youthful, the noisiest, the most partying and in general full of entertainment. Marmaris is a Mediterranean paradise of the dark blue Aegean Sea coast. Thanks to the beautiful weather and most famous beaches, Marmaris is the ideal city to visit and spend a well-deserved vacation. Surrounded on one side by a lush forest and on the other by the azure sea, the resort offers a unique holiday with a beautiful sea and beaches. Marmaris was and remains the most European city in Turkey, with excellent infrastructure and constantly modernizing appearance. A city with a modern population, chic shops, beautiful parks, affordable cafes, restaurants, beautiful embankments, and streets where you want to walk every evening.

Dalyan is perhaps one of the most atmospheric places on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. And you can feel the whole atmosphere by walking along its long embankment. In the past, Dalyan was a modest fishing village, now it has a rather rich historical heritage. Here you can enjoy the history and strengthen your health, in one of the thermal springs. And also observe a rare species of turtle Carreta, admire the unreal Lycian tombs, try the local delicacy - blue crabs, and enjoy the reston the beach. The climate here is very comfortable, what makes "Turkish Venice" a favorite place for summer.



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