What to bring from Turkey as a gift


Probably, this is the main point that all visitors pay attention to, because we all love to eat, and you can please almost everyone with a delicious gift from sunny Turkey! After all, there is such a variety of food that your mouth is watering when you look at all this abundance, and you want to buy just a little bit at each counter.


First of all, of course, these are olives. Olives are an unspoken symbol of Turkey, there are whole forests of them in this country. Didn't you know that olives grow on trees? Turks attach special importance to plantations with olive groves, they are inherited, legends are made about olives and attributed to divine origin. Olives are eaten in their pure form, salted, pickled, oil and cosmetics are made. So it's a sin not to bring olives from Turkey, besides there are so many varieties of them here that you can get confused.

Another unusual fruit that grows only in tropical climates is figs. Turkish figs differ from others in their juiciness and sickly sweet taste. Once you taste this fruit, you will forever fall in love with its taste and will remember it for a long time. Of its useful properties, one can distinguish the ability to prevent the development of cancer cells.

Also at the height of the beach season, you can buy medlar, mulberry, quince and mango on the shelves in Turkey. The rest of the fruits will probably seem familiar to you, but if you still want to bring fragrant strawberries from Turkey, then know that more than five kilograms will be prohibited for export.

Turkish sweets

Young children like to come to Turkey not only because of the sea, but also because of the abundance of sweets presented in the local cuisine. Here you meet all kind of cakes in the hotels buffet,that why many tourists return from vacation not only with a beautiful tan, but also with extra pounds on their hips. So, let's go through the list and analyze the most popular Turkish sweets that you have met in the hotel restaurants, but didn't know their names.

Kadaif. This is simply the king of desserts of Turkish cuisine! It looks like a cake cut into rectangular pieces, consisting of numerous layers of dough soaked in sweet syrup. It has many varieties that are made with the addition of pistachios, nuts and sorbet. Having tried it once, it is impossible to ignore it next time. Um…

Turkish delight. This is the most popular sweet that tourists bring as a gift to their loved ones. After all, how nice it is to get a box of sweets made of rose petals and vanilla from Turkey. Turkish delight is such squares made of fruits, nuts, nougat and sorbet, and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top.

Baklava. In Turkish, it sounds like baklava, and if you come to the store to buy baklava, it's better to ask for baklava. This is just a royal treat, which in Turkey was served on the table to Sultan Suleiman himself. Turkish baklava is flavored with pistachios, chocolate, walnuts and is a thin dough twisted into tubes with filling.


Perhaps the most win—win option to bring from Turkey is local tea. Do not hesitate when buying, because tea is grown in Turkey, and here it is the most Turkish and real. And to dispel your doubts forever, Turkish sellers will allow you to taste the most delicious varieties of tea, and so you will definitely not make a mistake with a present.


Unlike tea, coffee is not grown in Turkey, but nevertheless, Turkish coffee can be found everywhere on the shelves. So where is the truth? The Turks are a very inventive people, they buy coffee beans from coffee-producing countries, then they are roasted, and very skillfully, and ground. Then they pack the freshly ground product in a beautiful package with the inscription Turkish coffee.


Ha, tell me, and we also have a lot of such good, and honey of what kind there is not. And here it is not! You will definitely not find such honey here. In Turkey, there are such unusual varieties, and not at all of floral origin, to which we are accustomed.



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