Villa Rental: Advantages

Staying in a villa is an experience which is completely different from a hotel holiday, allowing you to set your own pace and giving you the freedom to do what you want and at a convenient time. Vacation in villa are chosen by those travelers who want to feel “at home” in another country and advanced tourists who have extensive experience of traveling to different countries, booking hotels with different food concepts and the number of stars, who have formed for themselves, based on their own needs and ideas about the ideal vacation, that format of rest which satisfies their specific wishes. As a rule, such tourists do not need animation and all-inclusive meals, but they like to cook themselves or enjoy visiting local attractions and restaurants, driving around the neighborhood in a rented or own car. Again, having a car at hand, you can not get hung up on the moment of the location of the villa relative to the beach, the nearest store, market or pharmacy. Another category of travelers who prefer renting a villa to a hotel vacation are famous personalities, politicians, TV and movie stars and other celebrities who book villas on private islands, with service and concierge, located on huge, hidden territories from prying eyes, with the opportunity to arrive at the place and rest incognito (the presence of a berth or helicopter sites), etc. And large estates and residences for corporate and private events have always been in demand.
Renting a villa, you get:

  • Atmosphere - you can count on a cozy family vacation with close people.
  • Territory – by renting a villa, you get at your individual disposal a plot, usually closed, with a garden, lawn, swimming pool, garden furniture and a beautiful view.
  • Swimming pool – if there is a pool in the villa, then its cleaning and maintenance are usually already included in the price. The pool is used only by you, which is wonderful from a hygienic point of view.
  • Rooms – there is more living space in the villa. There is a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a terrace at your disposal. Often the villas are equipped with home cinemas, saunas and fitness equipment.
  • Services – the villa, depending on the cost, may include basic cleaning, periodic linen change, staff, security and include the entire set of "hotel" services or be fully serviced by guests.
  • Security – fire and security systems, a safe, surveillance cameras, a smart home system and physical security will ensure you a relaxing vacation.
  • Cost – if the villa is rented by a large group of friends or several families, then the cost of accommodation in the villa is very acceptable per person.
  • A private villa is perfect. But renting a villa, you get comfort and excellent service.



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